About Us

Nukari Designs came into being as I thought of more ways to have Afrikan people express their cultural values through textiles and dress. We already have Kamali Academy which helps to liberate the minds of children through Afrikan-centered resources and the Akade Kollection which is quickly supplanting ralph lauren in our communities.

With Nukari Designs, we are starting with Afrikan print fabrics mainly from Ghana, West Afrika, but soon we will have a line of Afrikan inspired clothing that showcases the creativity, style, and regal-ness (is that a word? :) ) of Afrikan people.

Before we launched this endeavor, I tried something new and crowdsourced the name and tagline on the Book of Face, as I call it (FaceBook). The catch was that I wanted my daughter's name to be incorporated into the name.

Within 30 minutes, it had already received more than 30 submissions. The ideas were great. Our collective wisdom and creativity is amazing to say the least.

In the end, we choose Nukari Designs which was submitted by a good friend of mine in Chicago. Nukari is a mashup of my daughter's first name and one of her middle names. Yes, plural middle names.

Our tagline--Afrikan Culture: Know It, Live It, Wear It--came from a warrior friend of mine in Charlotte, North Cakalack. My daughter's first name is Noliwe. If you look close, it's embedded within the tagline.

Afrikan Culture: kNOw it, LIve it, WEar it.

Do you see it?

Ain't that tight?

I loved it when I saw it.

We are just getting started. Spread the word and let us dress you like the kings and queens you are.


Revolutionary Love,

Noliwe's Baba

Samori Camara


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